Owning the catwalk at Destination Denim


From the 24th – 27th of October 2019, the Kühlhaus Berlin played host to Destination Denim, an experiential event for Amazon Fashion fusing fashion, music and culture.

We partnered with Amazon to place technology at the heart of the show, reinforcing Amazon's tech leadership alongside their expansive fashion offering.

The Digital Catwalk was an immersive real-time experience where shoppers could take control of the outfits they wanted to try. With the latest in skeletal tracking technology, only available to a small beta community, and real-time fabric simulation we pushed the boundaries to deliver an unrivalled interactive experience.

interaction across the 3 day event
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Delivering the headline digital experience for one of the world's leading technology companies, we knew the idea needed to be big and brave.

By stepping into one of three interactive zones, attendees took control of the virtual runway models through the movement of their bodies. The models mirrored their movements in real-time allowing them to let loose and play with their digital reflection–exploring the detail of each item of clothing in the process.

Working closely with Amazon's team of stylists, we brought each look to life, offering a zero barrier experience across an impressive 12 metre wide screen.

However, the experience didn't stop at being playful. Every outfit was shoppable, seamlessly handing users off to a curated shopping cart via their mobile, allowing them to complete the sales journey.

A bespoke Unity application, processing real-time data from Microsoft Azure depth tracking cameras delivered a first in 360º tracking and superior stability, achieved through various post-processes of the raw camera data.

Digital twins for each outfit were created from scratch, using hundreds of photos of each minute detail to inform modelling, texturing and rigging.

"Destination Denim is the ultimate hub of denim knowledge that combines exciting technology, our wide selection of jeans and inspirational content online and offline."
The making of

As part of the Azure beta programme, we had access to the latest in computer vision technology. We then choreographed a diverse range of performers, capturing them in a volumetric studio to extract the animation data.

From here, we extensively documented hundreds of items of clothing, recreating each item as a digital twin from shape and texture to real-world fabric dynamics.

Finally, we put it all together. Placing the models in a minimal lightscape scene and moving in time to a killer mix.


Make Associates
— Concept, Creative & Art Direction

— Software development

— Lead agency & scenic production

Adrian Gas
— Choreography

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