The future of
retail is real-time

The future
of retail is real-time

Make Associates is a creative innovation studio crafting and coding the next generation of connected retail experiences.

As the world of retail begins to reopen to a ‘new-normal’ there’s a need to rethink how we can engage in smarter and more connected ways within the retail environment.

We believe the future is built on real-time technologies, unlocking new ways for consumers to interact with brands, and enjoy richer, more personalised experiences that bridge the social distance between retailers and their customers.

We work with emerging technologies such as voice, body tracking and AR to connect consumers with products and services–through interactions which are fully measurable for our clients.

We’d love the opportunity to chat and see whether any of our solutions could work for you.

Reinventing fashion retail
with the Digital Catwalk

Reinventing fashion retail with the Digital Catwalk

An experience that unlocks a new dimension of interaction with fashion brands. Shoppers are able to take control of the outfits they're interested in, exploring the products in 360º, complete with a smooth path to purchase.

Finding your products with voice

Reinventing the fitting room with a fun and conversational voice-led interactive experience. Shoppers are able to rapidly filter thousands of products through a short series of simple questions ending with relevant, shoppable results.

Gamifying shopping
with augmented reality

Creating an AR powered treasure hunt, which drives flow around a retail space and rewards shoppers for their participation with prizes.

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