A vision for the future of sustainable luxury

About the project
About the project

As lead sponsor of the Southampton Boatshow, Bentley took the opportunity to showcase their future vision, ‘Beyond 100’– a future where the highest levels of luxury mobility are achieved through sustainable practices.

Partnering with SomeBrightSpark, Make created an immersive AR experience to help present this iconic brands vision as they transition their entire vehicle programme and product line-up to a carbon neutral future.

The venue
The need
The need

Becoming Beyond100

Beyond 100 sees Bentley build on the carbon-neutral status of their factory in Crewe, to become climate neutral, end-to-end, from 2030 – with a view to ultimately transitioning to become climate positive.

Using the latest in webAR technology we built an interactive showcase of this vision – a rich story of sustainable luxury brought to life in augmented reality.

The venue

A tale in four chapters

By inputting a unique session code, visitors could sync their personal devices together with the on-screen video player.

Titled ‘See Beyond the Possible’, as the narrative played, visitors would use their devices as an augmented lens–with 3D vignettes enhancing the environment surrounding them, underscoring the key sustainability messages.

Bentley AR experienceBentley AR start experienceBentley AR in-experience
Bentley AR group experienceBentley AR chapter 1Bentley AR chapter 2Bentley AR chapter 3
Beyond an event
Beyond the event

Bringing the experience home

As well as experiencing on stand, See Beyond the Possible was made available for at-home viewing, helping spread Bentley’s message far beyond the borders of the stand itself, and bringing Beyond 100 to a wider audience.

Activated via Spark AR on Facebook and Instagram, the brutalist grid of windows transforms into a virtual drum machine, where viewers can programme, record and share their own drum loops.

Bentley BacalarBentley Flying Spur, Bacalar and BentaygaBentley booth design