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Gamifying shopping with an AR treasure hunt

About the project
About the project

A showcase for the highest profile denim brands, Amazon Fashion’s Destination Denim was the ideal event platform for finding novel and innovative ways to use cutting edge Amazon technology to tell fashion focused stories.

As a key brand partner, Levi’s were excited to push the boundaries of what's possible by creating a digital experience that told the story of their unique heritage.

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Levis AR experience for Amazon Fashion
The reward
The need
The need

A next generation Lookbook

We concepted, designed and built the Levi’s 501® Lookbook–an augmented reality treasure hunt that brought to life the versatility at the heart of the 501® and drive flow throughout the event space.

Three posters hidden throughout the event space contained three different ways to wear the iconic Levi’s 501®. Scanning each poster through a bespoke AR web-app, players could explore each unique look without the need for any custom app downloads.

Levis AR poster
Levis AR scanning poster
Levis AR effect 2Levis AR effect 3
Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers

Sweating the partnership as much as possible, our app interfaced seamlessly with the on-site Amazon Lockers. Once all three looks had been collected, players received an Amazon Locker code. Entering the code into the lockers located within the event gave visitors the chance to win an Amazon gift voucher as well as other swag.

Levis Amazon Locker retrievalLevis AR treasure hunt reward