Inspiring a global community of leaders

About the project
About the project

At the start of 2021, Reckitt turned to a virtual approach to engage management at their annual leadership meeting.

In partnership with SomeBrightSpark, Make Associates developed a virtual events platform to meet this need–deployed on a global scale to share perspectives from around the world.

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Reckitt virtual events platform
The platform
The need
About the project

Making meaningful contact

Signalling a seminal moment for Reckitt as they unveiled their global rebrand for future strategy, the importance of uniting their leadership had never been higher.

With voices from around the world, our virtual events platform needed to align a programme of live activity across 48 hours, bringing together the entire workforce for key announcements irrespective of timezone differences.

The need

Connecting a global audience

With local, region and global activity careful designed into a schedule of overlapping moments, the platform facilitated a series of audience tracks which seamlessly placed the right people in the right places at the right times.

A combination of live broadcast, pre-recorded content and elegantly curated breakout sessions were woven into each delegates personalised agenda, with on-demand content and downtime activities filling the gaps.

Audience participation was critical to the effectiveness of the event, which the platform facilitated through live 2-way dialogue, polling and quizzes.

Reckitt virtual events platform various screens
Reckitt analytics dashboard
Greater accuracy
Greater accuracy

Understanding the audience

Ensuring the successful movement of delegates between sessions and virtual spaces was easy monitor through real-time analytics providing the reassurance that the remote audience were where they needed to be throughout the event.