Connected Places Catapult

Connecting a building with its inhabitants

About the project
About the project

The Connected Places Catapult is a hotbed for urban innovation, exploring how technologies can be deployed in cities to improve health, well-being and quality of life. As long time collaborators we partnered with them to research how they can use technology to better connect with their own employees.

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Connected Places Catapult all sensors
The need

The Urban Innovation Centre

The Catapult building itself is a technological wonder – IoT sensors report on the physical condition of the workplace, providing data for analysis by their data science team. But this raised an interesting question – while you can know what the building's inhabitants physically experience, how can you say for certain how they feel?

The concept

An agile process

Working with the Catapult’s Innovation and Data Science teams, we prototyped and built a series of unique connected objects, each with its own behaviour. These playful and tactile connected devices are scattered throughout the building and poll employees on a series of subjective questions.

The backend

Making sense of the data

In addition to generating data, key questions to solve were how the data would be stored, accessed and analysed in a format that was useful to the Catapult’s data science team. Our sensors integrated with the Google Sheets API, each interaction instantaneously updating a Google spreadsheet over the WiFi network.

The concept
The backend
The need
Connected Places Catapult rattle
01: Joy Rattle
Feeling happy? Give it a shake to let us know how much.
Connected Places Catapult dual slider
02: Dual Slider
Polling simple questions with a tactile interface.
Connected Places Catapult multi-choice
03: Multi-choice
Posing daily questions.
Connected Places Catapult D8
04: D8
Respond to your environment by placing D8.
Connected Places Catapult maker space