Capturing the spirit of Bentayga

Augmented reality

Following the success of our augmented reality Southampton Boat Show installation, we were commissioned to roll out a larger programme of activity across 15+ dealerships throughout the UK.

Running for 6 months, we crafted a story that captured the essence of Bentayga — from the inherent driving passion that comes only from a Bentley through to it's environmental credentials — marking a seminal chapter in Bentley's story as they transition the product portfolio towards an electrified future.

To reach customers at home, the showroom experience was replicated on the cover of the Bentayga brochure with the ability to book a test drive from within the AR experience.

15+ dealerships
Across the UK
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We wanted to push the boundaries of what people expect from a webAR experience with this project. As such, we crafted a non-linear narrative that immersed viewers in key product proof-points, whilst also personalising the experience by allowing them to colour and plate their Bentayga, with a downloadable souvenir of their creation at the end.

From model optimisation to real-time lighting, we pushed the boundaries of what had gone before in 8th Wall. This project brought with it the best 3D model bake we've ever delivered alongside an 8th Wall experience that pushed beyond others in the category in terms of duration, fidelity and customisation.

The making of

The R+D phase of this project predominately focused on rapid prototyping to the customisation features of the app, along with souvenir download functionality and model optimisation. Bentley had exacting standards to meet on the rendering of the Bentayga, which we had to deliver against a heavily reduce poly count together with with inherent limitation of webAR.


Make Associates
— Concept, Creative & Art Direction

Benedict Sheehan
— Software development

— Optimisation & animation

Some Bright Spark
— Lead agency & scenic production

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