Delivering a world's first on the Nasdaq


Next generation positioning meets next generation content. To mark the announcement of FocalPoint's series C funding round in style, we used  a 'built-for-camera approach' that transformed the Nasdaq screen in Times Square into a content generator optimised for social content.

One of the world's most iconic billboards, this was the first time that true anamorphic content had been realised on the Nasdaq.

Distilling the complexity of FocalPoint's deep-tech positioning technologies into precise, choreographed visuals, we embraced the 26 windows that puncture the screen, turning them into the star of the show.

A first on the Nasdaq
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Working with the FocalPoint team, we distilled their inherently complex technologies into an instantly understood message. Using the windows to create an aerial view reminiscent of a city, FocalPoint's 'blue dot' motif travelled the streets with choreographed, precise movements, evoking the language of digital mapping.

We knew that realising this idea through an anamorphic projection would have the most impact both on location and online, but without any available measurements of the screen, achieving this wasn't without its challenges. With zero architectural data available to base our animation on, we had to get creative to generate the 3D data needed to achieve the effect.

"You picked up the difficult challenge and executed to a level of quality that shone through in the final production."
The making of

Remotely directing a photoshoot of the screen from specific known locations we recreated a digital twin of the billboard, allowing us to confidently develop this never before seen content.

A second shoot on the day with a rapid edit delivery plan allowed us to push the content through socials shortly after it had occurred, dazzling feeds and maximising reach.


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— Motion design & direction

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