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In response to Canon's desire to meet more customers online, we designed and built Canon’s flagship events platform, Make It. A virtual events hub deployed across over 40 markets and built with reuse at the heart.

Accessible in multiple languages to meet European audience needs, the platform tailors experiences to each user by seamlessly understanding their priorities and surfacing the sessions and content which matched their interests.

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Initially released for the annual Pro-Print event, the Make It platform facilitated meaningful experiences for Canon's print partners, customers and staff through a festival activity, consisting of live broadcasts, product demonstrations, breakout sessions and on-demand content.

Addressing a breadth of different businesses of different sizes, specialisms and capabilities, there was no one-size-fits-all experience programme.

Profiles were captured on each user through the registration and onboarding steps of the experience, which allowed the platform to curate relevant session and content to each user–increasing uptake, engagement and value.

Once booked into sessions, users engaged in a real-time dialogue with presenters across users. They were able to ask specific questions during live product demonstrations and participate in round-table discussion by joining breakout sessions, facilitated through the platform. The more users engaged, the more the platform learned their interests, helping to  better target future content and experiences.

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Make Associates
— Concept, Creative & Art Direction

Alphaber Collective
— Software development

— Lead agency & scenic production

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