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The Martian Premier League is a collection of 10,000 unique human and Martian characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. These characters are your route into the Martian Premier League game: a 'football manager' style game where holders can train, trade and compete in the MPL league.

Make has been collaborating with Martian Premier League since its inception, helping concept, design and build their unique gaming experience for a dedicated and passionate community of holders.

10,000 unique characters living on the blockchain
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From their intial football bootcamp, a custom minting experience for the MPL comic, through to the drama of the MPL Cup itself, we've supported MPL in launching their products at a rapid pace and quality of exerience that few NFT collections can claim.

Life on Mars comes in many forms. Blockchain based games challenge users to train players, form allegiances, make new friends and discuss the best strategies to earn in game currency. Through best-in-class Blockchain technology holders hone their teams, set their strategies, all striving to help their teams bask in the glory of being the one to hold aloft the MPL Cup.

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Make Associates
— Art Direction & UX/UI

Martian Premier League
— Software development

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