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One of the things we love at Make is finding simple ways to tell complex stories. So, when VMware asked us to bring to life their impressive, but complicated, green energy demo, we jumped at the chance.

This groundbreaking technology migrates server workload in real-time, shifting computing tasks from carbon intensive server farms to those powered by renewable energy. As the abundance of renewals changes with the weather, this automation helps cloud based companies significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Designed as a headline attraction to VMware's stand at MWC, we simplified this story into a 30 second demonstrator pitch that put green energy in the hands of the visitors.

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Working closely with the VMware technology team, we were able to fully get under the skin of their groundbreaking sustainability products. We loved the idea of putting the weather in the hands of the users, using tactile interaction to tell the story across an interactive map of Europe.

Wind turbines played a crucial role in elevating this from a simple touch screen experience to something much greater. Designed to interface with our touchscreen we managed the fabrication process from mechanical engineering to 3D printed production. Multiple iterations ensured that these devices were robust enough to a live show environment, faultlessly reliable and, most of all, fun.

"It's an incredible weight off my mind it is to know you guys are just all over it."
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To realise our creative vision for this project, we worked with Unity to handle the vast and complex particle system, rendering at 4K in real-time.


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