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At Make, we bring a lot of experience in delivering complex technology solutions in simple to understand ways. To that end, we were asked to help IBM demonstrate the power of their Sustainability Suite, a blend of IBM software tools created to help the world overcome serious environmental challenges.

Designed as a headline attraction to IBM’s sustainability zone at IBM Think 2023, and forming a key exhibit for Think on Tour, our future-focused installation put attendees in charge of a city’s rail infrastructure. With IBM’s sustainability suite at their disposal the race was on to hit their ESG targets for 2030.

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The transportation industry plays a significant role in the emissions of greenhouse gases on a global scale. Working closely with IBM subject matter experts, we crafted a gamified experience that challenged attendees to save emissions across all aspects of a city's rail network. From just-in-time maintenance to weather mitigation strategies, IBM data underpinned the insights that helped them make the right decisions, and hit their green targets.

Built in Unity, the three-screen installation created a seamless interaction between control totem and city. As attendees explored scenarios and monitored urban data, key elements of civic infrastructure lit up with data to aid their decision making.

The making of

Following its debut at Think, Sustainability in Action was to become part of the Think on Tour global roadshow. From the manufacturing process of the city itself, through to its capacity to pack-up and tour, each component underwent rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality of the final design. As of today, the experience has been showcased on three continents, making it a truly global experience. 

Extending Sustainability in Action’s reach within the Think tour, we designed and built a ‘digital-only’ version served entirely in-browser via WebGL. A distillation of the full table-top experience, it became a high-portable demo in its own right that was used within venues unable to host the larger form-factor.


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